We invite submissions from researchers across a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds to participate in a one-day workshop on Augmented Tabletop Games (ATGs) Research at CHIPLAY 2017 in Amsterdam.

Augmented tabletop games have long been a staple of the analog design environment, though augmentations were limited. Throughout the 1980s, board games controlled by video recordings included on a VHS cassette created new ways to interact between players and the board. More recently, in Space Alert!, players respond in real time to problems aboard a spaceship provided by audio files included with the game; in Golem Arcana, players use a Bluetooth stylus to play a physical miniatures game using a mobile app; in Live Game Board players can enhance the interactive abilities of a paper board with augmented reality.

Join us as we collaboratively create a research compendium that will lay the groundwork for a community of scholarship and design around Augmented Tabletop Games.

The workshop will consist of four sessions:

  • Participant Presentations: Each participant will briefly present a perspective on how they approach ATGs as a research and design space. These will be kept short (actual time to be determined by the number of participants accepted) and will lay the foundation for our understanding of the topic for the rest of the day.
  • Ways of Knowing Session: Research in augmented tabletop gaming is interdisciplinary, including game studies, anthropology, human-computer interaction, psychology, sociology, media studies, and more. Each field brings its own ways of knowing: techniques for studying systems, play, experience; data sources; analysis methods; etc. This open-floor discussion will enable participants to identify the ways of knowing that have worked for their research (and those that have not).
  • Research Gaming and Prototyping Session: The research gaming and prototyping session will offer participants an opportunity to undertake and/or participate in ATG research at the workshop. This session is open to a wide range of activities, including, but not limited to, participatory design sessions, prototyping, research on gameplay activities with tabletop games, and/or miniature workshops (within a workshop). In the session, participants will split into small groups that will play together.
  • Practicalities of Research Session: The final session will be an open-floor discussion of the practicalities of undertaking augmented tabletop games research. Participants will share experiences publishing and seeking funding. We expect this session to produce a list of high-quality venues for publication, and a framing for how best to seek funding.

Although it is not required, we request that potential participants propose their own projects for the research gaming session. We are open to a range of entries, from nascent and/or exploratory projects for which a small group of experts is ideal, to established projects in need of data collection.

We will curate entries for the research gaming session based on the number of submissions and interest from participants. In addition, we will bring samples of our own work, as well as materials to facilitate prototyping in the session. Materials will include commercial board games and pieces (e.g., miniatures, dice), cardboard, and pens, ensuring there is sufficient material for the event. Participants who bring games will be able to use this session for data collection and the workshop organizers will use it as a time to collect video sketches. Video sketches will be recorded from participants while they are playing games and will focus on identifying new means for designing and evaluating augmented tabletop games. The resulting videos will be included in the online compendium.

To participate in the workshop, please send the following to atgworkshop@cs.nmsu.edu:

  • A “white paper” in the CHI Extended Abstract format of no more than 4 pages (excluding references) with the following information:
    • Your interest and background in Augmented Tabletop Gaming.
    • The methods and approaches that you employ for this work.
    • A short position statement on the past, present, or future of ATGs.
    • What systems/games/materials you propose bringing to the workshop.
    • Optional: A short description of what you would like to contribute for the research gaming and prototyping session.
    • Bios of all planned participants.


09:00–09:30: Opening discussion by the organizers.
09:30–11:00: Introductions and presentations by participants.
11:00–12:00: Ways of knowing session.
12:00–13:30: Break for lunch.
13:30–15:30: Research gaming and prototyping session.
15:30–16:00: Brief presentations of observations from research gaming sessions.
16:00–17:00: Practicalities of research session.
18:30: Dinner.


If you are accepted to the workshop, you will need to pay the workshop fee and purchase at least an Industry Day Pass which will let you attend the conference sessions on a day you choose. You can check the fees for CHIPLAY ’17  here.


Important Dates:

  • Submission Deadline: August 21, 2017
  • Notifications of Acceptance: August 28, 2017
  • Workshop Date: October 15, 2017